Why Women should Consider Deism


Deism is the belief that the universe had a creator, or God, who manufactured the machine of the universe and humanity, but has not intervened since. This religion is driven by rationality and the argument from design, which states that all machines have a creator, and nature functions as machine, therefore nature must have a creator. Deists find this argument both valid and sound, meaning that they understand that the universe had a creator. However, unlike Abrahamic and some Polytheistic religions, Deists do not believe in the continual presence of this creator, not do they believe in miracles. To a Deist, God created the universe and set the natural laws, but has not possessed influence over the fate of humanity since.

While Deism may initially seem irrelevant to a feminist, this religion has a compelling case for a feminist following. With the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, and many more, the driving source of faith is the interaction between God(s) and humanity, and the continued influence. These interactions have been recorded in scriptures and documents that followers of various faiths live by, interpreting the texts as moral codes to abide by. Often time, these scriptures possess stories and language that is degrading to women, reducing the female role to one of a mother and child bearer, and placing their male counterparts above them in the order of humanity. We have seen this most clearly within Genesis and Deuteronomy, however the entirety of the Bible, the Torah, and the Qur’an allude in varying degrees to women as being the lesser sex. Deism, however, does not recognize religious texts or truth in various prophecies, seeing that they do not believe that God continued to influence the universe after its initial creation. Additionally, while Deists believe in  a creator, they do not claim to know the traits or qualities of the creator, meaning that it can be male, female, or neutral. Furthermore, Deists do not pretend to understand the intentions of the creator beyond knowing that nature should function as a machine. So, while women can procreate and can love, and perhaps should do that, they also possess the capacity to think, speak, and lead, meaning that they should do this as well. Deists believe that the functions of a man and a woman are naturally equal, therefore they should be placed in society as equals.

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Deism and Social Ethics: The Role of Religion in the Third Millennium By Robert Corfe


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